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Crystal Sonar

Crystal Sonar is now available through YouTube





Crystal Sonar

Sonar n. [ sound, navigation and ranging] an apparatus that transmits high-requency sound waves through water.

Crystal Sonar is a concept developed to aid the healing of the body, mind and spirit through the resonating sounds of crystal energy transmitted through salt water.

Metaphysical Reviews

“ The vibrational” tones in Crystal Sonar are ever so purifying…Indeed, I listened to this masterpiece of peace…and found the stress of the day melting away.  Further, from a technical point of view, Warren’s performance and arrangements are perfect.  The production is digitally mastered and tonal quality is outstanding.

“This marvelous album is approximately 60 minutes long and is filled with a sound experience that is as healing as it is beautiful.  Crystal Sonar is calming, soft, gentle and uplifting. Warren Lazar is a quiet and unassuming composer and musician. And that’s all right...his album speaks volumes.  Crystal Sonar is a very special recording to be absorbed by anyone who seeks healing, peace and serenity. In other words, everyone!”

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor Metaphysical Reviews

Track One “Crystal Echoes”

Track Two “ Crystalline Waters”

by Richard Fuller
Crystal Sonar

Quartz crystals have unique properties which allow them to transmit frequencies and transmute subtle energies.  Water is a conductor, and sea salt is a purifier. When transmitted into the body, these energies are resonantly absorbed assimilated.

There are several energy centers in the body, called chakras, where the life force energy is received, and when functioning properly, maintain the balance and harmony of energy flows.  If any of these centers becomes blocked by emotion or illness, the energy cannot flow unhindered throughout the body.

Because the chakras transmit energy to the organs, emotional distress and conflicts can result in an abnormal energy flow which, over time, may result in illness in any organ system in the body.

This recording features specific crystal tones for each energy center, with each tone held for a precise length of time, to facilitate the removal of blockages and allow the energy to move freely.

Allow yourself to relax, release the tension of the day, and let the healing energy flow through you as you listen to the uplifting music and feel the resonant vibrations of the crystal sounds.

Composed and arranged by Warren Lazar – A composer and accomplished musician on keyboards, woodwinds, and strings and a scientist.

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