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Dancing Lizards is an artistically scientific company that specializes in creative visualization techniques for Film, Web, Video Gaming and TV through creative digital representation. We provide expression through scientific art form such as digital graphic representation, object animation, special effects illusion, green screen cinematography, musical theme and sound effects.

We specialize in virtual visualization technique that brings creative idea virtual realism by representation for film, television and scientific demonstration.

Our subliminal mind doesn’t know the difference between what we call reality and what we call fiction. When we watch a movie, we experience it as if it were real. Just as we use images to help us navigate in a real world we use them to plot a course in our subconscious mind. And we are doing this relentlessly. We see what we expect to encounter, and likelihood is what will happen. Great thing about creative visualization is that it can be applied in any area of consciousness regardless of what the situation. Subconscious reasoning can be used for visualizing a atomic fusion reactor that replaces the human heart, time travel to distant galaxy’s in electromagnetic orbs or spine tingling sound effects and music.

In addition, we offer a multimedia audio service, which includes creative music scores and dynamic trade show presentations, which meet with todays budget requirements.

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