Crystal Sonar

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Vibrational Healing Music

By Warren Lazar

Can you imagine the healing qualities of crystal energy transmitted through salt water? Can you imagine crystal tones for each chakra that help remove blockages to allow energy to move freely? Can you imagine glorious, angelic music that allows the listener to relax and let the tensions of the day disappear?

Well, you don’t have to try to imagine anymore. This reviewer came upon an album that affords the listener all that, now. Crystal Sonar is the title and Warren Lazar, scientist and musician, did the album. Warren is really two people in one. Dr. Lazar holds a PhD in organic chemistry. Warren Lazar is a composer and accomplished musician in keyboards, woodwinds and strings.

His music is innovative, soothing, healing and delightful. The vibrational tones in Crystal Sonar are ever so purifying…indeed, I listened to this masterpiece of peace at 6 p.m. and found the stress of the day melting away. Further, form a technical point of view; Warren’s performance and arrangements are perfect. The production is digitally mastered and the tonal quality is outstanding.

This marvelous album is approximately 60 minutes long and is filled with a sound experience that is as healing as it is beautiful. Crystal Sonar is calming, soft, gentle and uplifting. Warren Lazar is a quiet and unassuming composer and musician. And that’s all right…his album speaks volumes. Crystal Sonar is a very special recording to be absorbed by everyone who seeks healing, peace and serenity. In other words, everyone!


Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

Metaphysical Reviews