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Welcome to Dancing Lizards

What's happening?

A new year, and we are gearing up for what will be an exceptional 2017. Between film production and virtual gaming video there is much excitement going on around here. Have a great new year… see you all behind the virtual box.

At DANCING LIZARDS, we can make our lizards dance, combining character animation with digital motion choreography our characters develop a virtual existence. Stay tuned for upcoming animated adventures, as The Dancing Lizard duo explore the marvel of art and science.

Film, TV and Music

Living Within a Fractal Universe

Music and Art is a science, which gives us a record of past events and perhaps things to come.

History With a Little Spirit

Blink of an Eye

Is the Steam Pump Ranch Haunted, caretaker of the ranch believes there are a few spirits hanging around. Fun

Motion Picture Industry’s Train Man

James Clark - Visit Clark & Company -

"The Lone Ranger."

Is Earth at the center of Universe?

The Third Theory

Perhaps viewed from trillions of light years away, we might imagine heaven as a remarkable sphere suspended in infinite space. Fun

Coming Soon... The Art and Science of Choreography .

Dancing Lizards

The art and science of Choreography brought to you by DANCING LIZARDS A&E. There is more to choreography than just moving your bones. Come with us as we explore new creations in simulated graphic character motion representation for film and video game community. Fun

Our lizards are not just ordinary lizards…

Lizard World

They are born actors and have been submitted to America’s Funniest Videos. Is Animal Planet next???? Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to find out !!!! GO MONKEY SKINKS!!!!

Dancing Lizards News and Events

Where science meets art and art meets science music, entertainment and a bit of chemistry thrown into the mix. Rotoscoping in Adobe After Effects CS5.

Finding Your Dream with CGG!

Finding Your Dream

A surreal journey with friends fulfills a man's final dream. Dancing Lizards © 2015

Reel'In Arizona

Filming In Arizona 

Vist Reel'In Arizona Fun

Chemistry in Art

Mind Therapy

Mind Therapy! Algorithmic art can be an artistic venture, a mathematical quest, or just an intellectual experience. Dancing Lizards © 2015

Tombstone AZ


Light’s camera action… Tombstone visited by Texans… Where you can still wonder the streets and find characters form the Wild Wild West. Craig makes his rounds. Dancing Lizards © 2015 Fun

Digital Art

Combining digital photograph with CG image.


Visualization Philosophy

If visualization makes available idea then from idea comes realism? Our continuous conscious mind performs visualization, which becomes our roadmap of artistic and technical experience .

Fractal Universe

Fractals! Art and Science or perhaps Mind Therapy! Join us on Facebook - Dancing Lizards award winning Fractal Gallery.

Digital Sets

Movie Scenes

Dancing Lizards R&D uses fractal geometry to generate dramatic expression of procedural content for film and video game community.

TROXICON - Invasion of the Replicaters!

TROXICON-2 - Return of the Replicaters!

Digital Effects

In the words of Albert Einstein, "The creations of our mind shall be a blessing and not a curse to mankind. Scientific discovery and technological innovation keep developing instruments of unparalleled power for fulfillment, construction and entertainment."

1.618 Phi (The Golden Ratio)

The Golden Ratio

“There are no limits to your imagination” Albert Einstein. 1.618 PHI - Visualization, Idea, Art and Knowledge… Fun

Albert Einstein’s Brain

Einstein's Brain

 What ever happened to Einstein’s Brain? Could we have learned form dissecting his intellectual thinking process by studying the neurology resources that make up the human mind!!! Dancingl Lizards © 2015Fun


Photo by: Beverly Ross

Dancing Lizards is a mix of science with art.

Photos by: Beverly Ross.

Photos by: Beverly Ross

Through photography Mother Nature’s magnificent presence reveals art behind the science, what could be a more fitting combination? Visit Dancing Lizards Photo Gallery.


The adventure begins… Follow Extreme Discovery team as they make it look easy finding hidden treasure with all those latest high-tech gadgets. We cannot reveal best part of this adventure. Lets just say we hope you find it mystifying. © 2016


If scientific discovery is Art, then Art is Artistically Science. Understanding cohesion between arts and science through representation modus operandi.

You crazy lizard, guitars are for human beings!!!

Thinking out of the envelope!!!

Exploring nature with digital photography.

Powerful and magnificent, The Sun!

Solar Wind

 Imagine civilization, as we know it changed by a catastrophic event. Overlord of the Herd Dancing Lizards © 2016 Fun

3D Computer Graphics

Dancing Lizards

Creating the vision of expression using three-dimensional objects.

Science within Music

Music presents an appealing way to understand science. Science is what transforms fundamental noise into pleasurable melody and rhythm.

Quartz Crystals to Music

Quarts Crystal

Producing music withQuartz Crystal Oscillators. Quartz crystals have unique properties which allow them to transmit frequencies and transmute subtle energies. This is illustrated through Crystal Sonar CD.

Rock 'N' Roll ART

Illustration generated with music.

Jazz ART

Illustration generated with music.

Miss Beverly!

Click to enlarge

Miss Beverly contributed 3 pages of her rare photos and backstage passes, received photography credits, acknowledgment from Genesis Publications... The Faces Book – "1969 to 1975 climb to fame, by Genesis Publications.Visit SMILER

Comstock Film

Austin, Dallas and Houston

Visit Ian McLagan formally with

Comstock Film

Science Through Music

Space Lizards

Is music a universal form of communication! Most scientists would agree. Dancing Lizards is exploring this hypothesis, what we have discovered is astounding. Symphony of ScienceFun

The Judicious Wizard

Judicious Lizard

Transforming idea into illuminating composition. Explore visualization with Dancing Lizards own “Judicious Wizard."

In The Eye of a Fractal

Sound is often geometrically generated, which can symbolize speech synthesis and music.

Time and Time again

Bach and Mozart composed music chaos by changing speed and expression.

Fractal Geometry

Fractal geometry generation includes speech synthesis, sound, landscapes, 3D meshes as well as music.

Fractal Studio

Take a surreal journey with us through fractal digital media. A gateway to designing backdrops and props used for video game and filmmaking inventiveness.

Crystal Sonar Factor

Crystal Sonar Factor 

Fractal art Z=Z^2+C is a form of algorithmic art and pure waveform music created by calculating fractal substance and representing these calculated results as animations and music. Every sound and every succeeding sound can be represented by fractal music. Fun




At Dancing Lizards, we are artistically scientific, please join us on facebook.

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